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Baseus Compact Charger 3U/17W/UK - Mini Size - Smart Recognition Chips - Multiple Safety Protection Black

SKU: CCXJ020301
Barcode: 6932172609603
  • Baseus Compact Charger 3-Port Multi-Purpose Charger 17W is equipped with 3 USB ports that allow you to connect and charge the battery at the same time with many different devices from smartphones to Tablets.
  • Large capacity, support current up to 3.4A, Baseus compact charger for extremely fast and stable charging time.
  • The technology automatically identifies the device and adjusts the power, voltage, and current to suit each type of device in the output. Compatible with all types of digital devices today
  • Equipped with intelligent protection circuit, control over current, voltage, temperature, electric leakage, and short circuit. Ensure high stability and absolute safety for equipment and users.
  • Supports many different input voltage levels (from 100V to 240V), you can rest assured that when you travel to any country, you can still use it normally without having to use it for any other converter or transformer.
  • The shell is matte black, made of high-quality Aluminium alloy + PC material, and not discoloured after the time of use
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