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Baseus Adaman2 Metal Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank 10000mAh 30W - White

SKU: PPAD040002
Barcode: 6932172610104
  • 10000mAh large capacity. Allows multiple recharges.
  • Fast charge. The power bank supports many fast-charging standards, including SCP, Power Delivery, and Quick Charge.
  • Charge 3 devices at once. Built-in output jacks allow you to connect and charge 3 devices at the same time.
  • Built-in digital display. Indicates the current battery level.
  • built-in security. The power bank protects the phone from overvoltage, short circuit, magnetic field influence, electrostatic field influence, overheating, excessive battery charge.
  • Charge with power up to 30W. Thanks to the use of high power, it shortens the time needed to fully charge the battery.
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