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Baseus Car Power Inverter 500W DC 12V/24V To AC 220V Pure Sine Wave Converter Inverters USB Type C Charger Adapter Inverter (CN/EU)

SKU: CGNB000101
Barcode: 6932172603427

Super Si Technology
New Supersi technology,500W high-power output,stable voltage to protect battery/electrical appliance safety.Ideal for multi-scenario applications such as outdoor operation,truck transportation,night time food and vendor’s stands and power failure.
2.4 Outdoor Socket
Built-in 2AC+TYPE-C+USB multi-function socket,which makes it easy to connect a power supply outdoors.
Sine Wave Output
Anti-electromagnetic interference,no distortion,compatible with most appliances that use mains. Can easily power electrical appliances such as electric cookers,electric kettles and induction cookers.
Real-Time Digital Voltage Display
Real-time display of input voltage/AC output voltage state.
Support Error Code Screen Display
Two Ways To Power
– Battery Clip Cable : connect to a 12V battery ( storage battery )
– Car Power Cable : for appliances withrated power within 150W

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