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Baseus Large View Auxiliary Mirror

Barcode: 6953156213357
  • Greater Vision: Expand scope of vision, clearly see the cars behind, avoid scratching and make your backing up easily

  • Streamline Design: Aerodynamic principle design, streamlined appearance and car modeling are integrated, matching is more natural

  • 360 Degree Angle Adjustment: 360-degree comprehensive control of viewing angle, control of blind areas, more convenient for backing up your car

  • 3M Glue Comprehensive Pasting: High quality 3M glue, firm and reliable, never damage the car mirror

  • Ultra Clear Glass Mirror: Larger and higher ultra-clear mirror, convenient for viewing the rear wheels and road conditions, never so easily to back up your car

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Product name: Baseus large view reversing auxiliary mirror
Material: ABS+PC+ Acrylic
Color: Black/White
Suitable scene: Car rearview mirror

Adjust the Viewing Angle at 360
Degrees to Clearly See the Wheel
Rotation Direction
Reversing field of view can be adjusted as needed, so as to avoid blind areas and clearly see the rear wheels, thus it is easier to back up the car

Wider Mirror, 50% More
Viewing Angle for Driving
Enlarged rear vision and back up your car while watching the rear wheels, so as to avoid scratches.
It is more convenient to park and back up cars every day