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Baseus LED Digital Display 15W Wireless Charger Fast Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Airpods Samsung Xiaomi Huawei

SKU: CCED000001
Barcode: 6932172602208
  • Intuitive Display to Eliminate Anxiety Power and voltage are shown alternatively, allowing you to be aware of charging status.
  • 15W Full Speed Just Set Down to Charge Downward compatible with various output powers of 10W, 7.5W, 5W.
  • Compatible with Wireless Charging Apple 12 It is compatible with QC and PD adaptors as well as Apple or Android devices and can recognize the power of charging devices.
  • About 2 Hours to Full Charge Pods Pro Specially optimized to support charging of low-power devices such as earphones, etc.
  • Trickle Charging against Over-Charge Smart recognition of power and auto-switch to trickle charging prevent a phone from overcharging.
  • The Larger the Coil, the Stronger the Induction A large coil offers higher charging efficiency and lower power consumption.
  • Strict Temperature Control When the temperature exceeds the critical value, over-temperature protection enables automatically by a built-in sensor.
  • Fast Charge a Phone with a Case Sensing distance is less than or equal to 8mm for equally fast sensing speed when charging a phone with a case.
  • Better for Using with a Cord With a 1.5m charging cable, no need to buy an extra charging cable.
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