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Baseus Car Washer Gun High Pressure 15 Meters Hose Cleaner Cars Foam Wash Spray Guns For Auto Garden Shower Cleaning Washing Tools

Barcode: 6953156212954
  • Remove dirt quickly and easily - The Baseus spray nozzle allows you to quickly and safely clean your car, even from the worst dirt. The water coming out of the nozzle under high pressure will even dispose of withered dirt.
  • Insert the liquid container - You can also attach a liquid container* to the nozzle, so you won't spray the car with only water. The water with a car cleaner will work even better and deal with dirt quickly and safely. *No in stock - to be bought separately.
  • High quality spray nozzle for washing your car and more will make it easier for you to clean your car or water the flowers in your garden. The product is made of the highest quality materials, it is extremely durable and resistant even during frequent use.
  • Also, it is possible connect a container for liquids to the nozzle, so as not to spray only water. Water with a car cleaner will work even better and get rid of dirt quickly and safely.
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