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Magnetic Absorption Wireless Car Charger, Fast Charging, Compatible with Mag-Safe Car Charger, Dashboard/Air Vent Mount Compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max Black

Barcode: 6953156206861
  • Precise positioning thanks to magnets
  • Installation on a dashboard or air outlet
  • Possible to freely use the phone, no signal interference
  • Adjustable vision angle of 360 ° to easily adapt to personal needs
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Baseus magnetic car phone holder wireless Qi charger 15 W (MagSafe compatible for iPhone)(WXJN-01)

Do you need a car charger with a holder compatible with MagSafe for iPhone series 12? Users of this kind of mobile phone are presented with an original item by Baseus with Qi charger in MagSafe standard. It is intended for iPhone series 12 and newer, which are emerging and will be equipped with a MagSafe function. Easy installation on the air vent or elsewhere on the dashboard makes the gadget suitable for all kinds of car.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Material: Metal + glass + silicone + plastic
  • Process: Oxidation
  • Input: 5 V=2 A, 9 V=2 A; 12 V=1.67 A
  • Output: 15 W (Max.)
  • Size: 63 x 34,6 x 90,2 mm
  • Number of magnets: 16
  • How to install: clip
  • Installation spot: Dashboard/ Air outlet
  • Compatible with: iPhone series 12

Compatible with:

  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

Content of the set:

  • 1 x wireless charger
  • 1 x base
  • 1 x charging cable
  • 1 x English manual

Major features:

  • Precise positioning thanks to magnets
  • Installation on a dashboard or air outlet
  • Possible to freely use the phone, no signal interference
  • Adjustable vision angle of 360 ° to easily adapt to personal needs

Powerful charging

Charging devices in a car can be very effective now. Reaching the peak power of up to 15 W, Baseus charger performs well while you are driving. Nothing can disturb its effective operation, allowing optimal energy consumption and quick charging thanks to Qi option.

The device eliminates potential interference and does not get overheated thanks to active cooling systems.

Stable fixing without falling risk

When secured in the holder, the mobile phone is highly stable and will surely not fall while driving. This is thanks to a well-thought-out structure composed of as many as 16 magnets, strong enough to attract the phone. As a rule it is 3300 G, but in Baseus product – 4300 G!

Perfect adaptation of angle

When placed in the holder, the mobile phone can be precisely adapted to your vision. All you need to do is adjust the holder in 360 degrees, you can turn in vertically and horizontally. After fixing in its intended spot, the holder:

  • does not limit driver’s vision.
  • does not block air outlet,
  • can be positioned in the range of 360o.

How to install

You can install the device in two ways:

  • by fastening, just place on the air vent,
  • with a strong glue, just place on the dashboard.

The second variant allows you to use the charger not only in the car, but also at home and in the office. Such installation assures high stability, good visibility of screen, and also protection against overheating.

Maximum safety

The device comes with numerous protective systems, such as:

  • permanent charging temperature
  • protection against short circuit
  • protection against magnetic field
  • protection against overvoltage
  • overcurrent switch
  • protection against undervoltage
  • protection against overloading
  • protection against overheating

Charging light

The operation of the device is signaled by a LED light which flashes on the housing. When the light is permanent, it means the device is ready for work. When it flashes fast, it means presence of foreign bodies. When it flashes slowly, the mobile phone is being charged.

Tasteful design

The holder is made of metal and mirror pieces, which guarantees modern design and perfect adaptation to interiors of modern cars. A round base is anti-skidding and does not slide, while 11 holes in the housing and metal cover assure very good cooling performance. The product is also equipped with a self-adhesive piece which lets you conveniently and stably fix it in a designated spot, without slipping risk.


Package Weight: 245gm

Package Size 12x9.5x7