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Baseus Ultra Stable Series Desktop Laptop Stand -4-Gear Adjustable- Space Grey

SKU: B10053100811-00
Barcode: 6932172630454
  • Stable support without wobbling
  • 4 gears of ergonomic height settings
  • Non-slip silicone pads
  • Super-easy installation
  • Quality aluminum alloy material
  • Carved-out design
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AED 75.00
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  • Premium Aluminum Alloy Construction: The stand is meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy build. This not only enhances portability but also guarantees long-lasting durability.
  • 4-Gear Adjustable Design: Tailor your viewing and typing experience with the 4-Gear Adjustable feature. Effortlessly find the perfect height and angle to reduce strain on your neck and wrists, promoting a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace.
  • Portability Redefined: Take your workspace wherever you go! The portable design of this laptop stand allows for easy transportation, making it an excellent choice for professionals on the move or those who frequently change their working environment.
  • Ultra Stable Support: Experience rock-solid stability with the Ultra Stable design. Your laptop will stay securely in place, whether you’re typing, browsing, or participating in virtual meetings. Focus on your work without the worry of a shaky setup.
  • Sleek and Modern Aesthetics: The minimalist and sleek design of the Baseus Ultra Stable Series adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. Elevate not only your laptop but also the aesthetics of your desktop or tabletop.
  • Versatile Desktop Use: Ideal for a variety of settings, from home offices to co-working spaces, the Baseus Laptop Stand is a versatile accessory that complements any desktop. Its compatibility with different laptop sizes makes it a universal solution for users with various devices.


Upgrade your work environment and overall well-being with the Baseus Ultra Stable Series Aluminum Alloy Portable Desktop Laptop Stand. Embrace ergonomic comfort and stylish functionality, whether you’re working, studying, or enjoying your favorite content. Elevate your laptop, elevate your experience!