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Baseus AirNora 2 True Wireless Earphones Gradient Orange

SKU: NGTW320207
Barcode: 6932172625733
  • These wireless earbuds adopt the design of inlaid mirror, it can assist makeup and touch up anytime and anywhere
  • 42dB hybrid ANC, actively eliminates background noise, seamless switch between various modes
  • With Bluetooth 5.3 technology Airnora 2 has superior sound quality and strong signal, so there is no disconnection in listening to music or making phone calls within 10 meters
  • With headphone 35mAh capacity and a charging bin 400mAh capacity, 30 hours long battery life and earbuds last 6.5 hours for audio playback (70% volume)
  • The earbuds’ speaker presents a powerful and wide sound range, which makes the treble full of dynamics, and the bass powerful
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