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Baseus Simplism Telescopic Gravity Car Holder for The Windshield Black

Barcode: 6953156220966
  • It does not require the hassle of matching the accessory to the size of the phone . Just put the device on it and the jaws will close automatically . It doesn't get any easier!
  • The length of the arm is adjustable thanks to the telescopic design.
  • The triangular design of the accessory guarantees the stability and safety of the phone even on the most uneven roads.
  • The handle has a 360° movable head . Thanks to it, we can adjust the position of our device. Turning too much may cause the device to fall out of the holder. Do not set the handle horizontally, as this will reduce the pressure on the lower trapdoor and the device may also fall out .
  • The two-stage pad allows you to adjust to the appropriate surface. One mode is ideal for flat surfaces . The second one is intended for rough surfaces . To attach the handle to the glass, put it against it and press the side ''catch''. When installing the mount on the dashboard, leave the latch in the vertical position.
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