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Baseus GF3 irrigation nozzle for garden hose (dark gray)

SKU: CPGF020313
Barcode: 6932172623753
  • The irrigation nozzle by Baseus is a handy power accessory. It is equipped with a convenient switch and offers the ability to adjust the water stream. The product maintains a strong pressure, allowing for thorough and multi-step washing of the car, etc. The integrated design ensures that the nozzle does not leak, and because it is so lightweight and handy, it is extremely convenient to use.
  • The nozzle has a specially designed button that allows you to conveniently turn the water stream on or off, so you won't have to hold it while washing your car. The mechanism of the button is extremely durable, does not jam and will certainly make your work easier.
  • The nozzle allows you to adjust the pattern and pressure of the water jet. Just twist the end of it to get a direct, intense stream that will help you get rid of stubborn dirt from the car body. The cone jet is great for cleaning windows or cleaning the wheels of your vehicle, for example, while the shower jet will allow you to thoroughly rinse away any residual foam.
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