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Cable 3in1 USB cable Baseus StarSpeed Series, USB-C + Micro + Lightning 3,5A, 1.2m

  • The current of 3.5A (max 2A on a single cable) and thick copper wires inside the cable guarantee safe energy recovery. (Charging is not compatible with Quick Charge, AFC, PD and Super Charge)
  • Data transmission 480 Mbps (only on the Lightning connector).
  • The cable was placed in a strong braid. Not only extremely durable, but also very pleasant to the touch.
  • Elegant and durable aluminium plugs.
  • The control chipset adjusts the current to the device, protecting it from damage.
  • Elegant and durable plugs resistant to abrasion and oxidation. Even after multiple connections, they will still slide smoothly and securely into ports.
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