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Baseus 16000mAh Car Jump Starter Device 220V/110V Car Outdoor Starter Jump Start Power Bank Portable Energy Storage Car Battery Booster

Brand Baseus
Name Reboost Jump Starter with Portable Energy Storage Power Supply
Model CRJS02-A0G
Battery Polymer Lithium-ion Battery
Capacity 16000mAh
Type-C Input 5V-3A; 9V-3A; 12V-3A; 15V-3A; 20V-3A Max.
Type-C Output 5V-3A; 9V-3A; 12V-3A; 15V-3A; 20V-3,25A Max.
USB Output 4,5V-5A; 5V-4,5A; 5V-3A; 9V-3A; 12V-2,5A; 20V-1,5A Max.
DC Output 12-16,8V-8A Max.
AC Output 220V/100W/50Hz
Type-C+USB+DC+AC total output 100W Max.
Color temperature 6000K
Light intensity 45lm
Connector interface EC8
Peak Current 1600A (0,1s)
Starting current 800A (2s)


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Baseus Jump Starter - necessary in every car

This jump starter and powerbank in one is almost an indispensable part of every car equipment. It has an extremely efficient battery and is ideal for vehicles with gasoline or 12V diesel motors. It can also be used as a practical flashlight. It is extremely simple and yet safe to operate.

Ideal for many different vehicles

The starter is surprisingly effective and efficient. Thanks to its peak current of 1600A, your car with a gasoline or 12V diesel motor can be ready for operation in no time. Just seconds are enough to make the vehicle battery work like new! The device is perfect for Sedans, SUVs, Minivans, motorcycles and even electric cars. No matter what you drive - thanks to Baseus jump starter you can enjoy a successful journey regardless of the situation!


Charge devices of less than 100 W rated power

The device also works as a functional powerbank for equipment with a rated power of less than 100W. It will charge your Macbook 2 times and your iPhone Xs 5 times. With this useful accessory, you can also charge the mini-fridge for 45 minutes and the electric fan for 150 minutes. No longer do you have to use several devices for different purposes - this practical Baseus gadget will prove itself in many daily applications.

Compatible with your equipment

To make your life even easier, the manufacturer has equipped the device with 4 ports. Thanks to this, you can successfully use them to quickly start up various vehicles and power various types of equipment. The DC output can be used, for example, to charge fans, USB-C and USB for phones, tablets or drones, and AC for laptops or car refrigerators. Maximum output power of all ports is 100W total.

Instantly ready for operation

The starter supports a fast charge of 65W - you will charge it in about 1.5 hours! Once charged it allows you to jumpstart the car up to 20 times. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the extremely efficient battery of this practical device and enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed journey!


Efficient and safe

The device is also equipped with an intelligent power management system and a safety system that protects it against, among other things, over charge, overload, short circuit and explosion. The starter can also work even in the most extreme conditions. The high quality lithium-polymer battery provides normal jumpstart in temperatures from -20℃ to 60℃. All this makes you enjoy safe operation of the device in almost any situation.

Reliable light source

Starter, powerbank, and flashlight - Baseus makes sure not to disappoint you in any situation. The device offers 3 lighting modes - normal, in which it lights continuously, SOS, in which it gives an alarm signal, and flash, in which it flashes quickly. You can use this functionality when you repair a car on the roadside after dark, for example.


You can easily apply it

The device is extremely easy to use. Simply plug it into the EC5 interface of the startup power supply and then plug the EC8 terminals accordingly. Start the car and remove the starter immediately. It's really simple - you can handle it without any problem. Jumpstarting the car with this useful Baseus gadget is no challenge at all!

Thoughtful design

The jump starter is also characterized by its simple and practical design. Thanks to the special handle, you can put it wherever you want or hang it on your wrist and take it comfortably and safely to any place. Moreover, the convex straps on the accessory make it non-slip and ensure that it lies perfectly in the hand. The device is also equipped with a silicone cover, which prevents dust or dirt from getting inside it.