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Baseus Rapid Series 3-In-1 Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C To M+L+C Pd 20w 1.5M - Green

Barcode: 6953156204300
  • Fast charging – 60% of battery in just 30 minutes!
  • Instant data transmission at a speed of 480 Mbps
  • Charging up to 3 devices at a time: Apple, Type-C, Android
  • Free use at home, in car or office
  • Convenient cable holder.
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BASEUS Rapid Series 3-in-1 Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to M+L+C PD 20W 1.5m - Green

About 60% Charge in 30 Minutes: Use with a 20W PD charger(not include) for fast charging for Apple 8 or above
Charge Three Devices Simultaneously: for Apple/Type-C/Android
Recognition Chips for Fast Charging Devices: Smart recognition of fast charging devices helps it control current and voltage properly and ensure safe fast charge
Play while Charging, No Power Loss: 5 strands of 178 cores offer faster charging
480Mbps of Transmission Rate: The speed is as fast as 480Mbps, fast charging/fast data transfer

Brand: Baseus
Material: Aluminum alloy+Nylon braided Wire 
Power: PD 20W, compatible with PD 18W
Transmission rate: for iP/480Mbps
Input: Type-C
Output: Micro+for iP+Type-C
Length: 1.5m

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Package included:
1 x BASEUS Rapid Series 3-in-1 Fast Charging Data Cable
Other items not include