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Baseus Platinum Vehicle eyewear clip (Paste type)

Barcode: 6953156220102
  • Transporting small items in bulk can be very dangerous. Placed on the dashboard, they reduce visibility or reflect incoming light. They can fall off with each braking, confusing the driver. Another issue is damage - a scratch, a crack that may arise in the event of a fall.
  • Do you change corrective glasses while driving? Do you use sunglasses? Or maybe you want to hang a charger cable or a bag? Place them stably and securely on the holder. You will attach them and take them off with one hand. The problem of lost frames and other items will stop to concern you and distract you while driving the car once and for all.
  • The gadget, in terms of design, as well as the method of assembly, fits all modern cars. It has shiny metal elements. It is compact - it takes up minimal space.
  • Installing the glasses holder is quick and easy. It has been equipped with an adhesive strip for tool-free assembly. At the same time, thanks to this solution, it can be placed on any surface - most often on the dashboard.
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