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Baseus Cylinder Slide-cover Waterproof Bag Pro for Phone

SKU: FMYT000002
Barcode: 6932172610975
  • Five-layer sealing design, the layers are sealed without leaking a drop of water
  • IPX8 waterproof, will not burst under strong pressure and deep water, fully protect the phone
  • Built-in lanyard design, prevent breakage
  • Fully transparent TPU, high-definition and translucent, not easy to yellow, does not block the camera, and takes pictures more clearly
  • The touch screen is sensitive, and the underwater phone can be unlocked without obstacles.
  • The barrel is embedded with a cotton lanyard, which is comfortable to wear for a long time, very tough and is firm and not easy to break when used underwater.
  • Adjustable buckle design, adjust the length of the lanyard by yourself
  • Waterproof sealing strip fixing groove, not easy to slide
  • Suitable for mobile phones under 7.2 inches
  • Simple installation, practical and convenient
  • Material: PC+TPU+cotton
  • Size: 212x110mm, lanyard length: 380mm
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Waterproof case, cover for the Baseus phone with a tight, cylinder clasp
Universal, waterproof case , protects your phone against water, dirt and damage. The set includes a lanyard that you can hang around your neck or wrist. A special waterproof case is a necessary gadget for people who like to spend time actively, especially by the water. It prevents dirt and water from flooding the phone. It is easy to use and allows you to take full advantage of your smartphone's touch screen. You can even take pictures underwater.

Brand: Baseus
Material: PC + TPU + Cotton
Compatibility: Smartphones with a screen size of up to 7.2 "
Dimensions: 212 x 110 mm (lanyard length - 380mm)
Waterproof class: IPX8

The most important advantages of the product:
The tight, cylinder closure of the cover allows for carefree fun with the phone at the pool, beach or during a canoeing trip. You will not have to worry that your valuable equipment will fall out of the bag and into the water.
The absence of fingerprints and other dirt on the case will allow you to take photos even under water! High-quality transparent TPU prevents dirt, yellowing and greasy stains.
Strong material that is hard to cut or tear. Five layers of strong TPU will even allow you to dive without fear of damaging the cover under the influence of water pressure.
A soft and comfortable, yet durable cotton lanyard is skin-friendly and does not cause abrasions.
Use your smartphone under water
The cover made of TPU ensures quick responsiveness of the screen under water compared to products made of plastic.

Waterproof class IPX8
The case has an IPX8 waterproof certificate, which means continuous protection against flooding at a depth even above one meter.