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Wisdom Auto Alignment Car Air Vent Mount Wireless Charger (Qi - 15W)

SKU: CGZX000001
Barcode: 6932172605568
  • 2-piece design for one-handed use and easy installation 
  • Built-in intelligent sensor mode: automatically aligns wireless charging coil inside phone (when placed in car holder) to corresponding position of charging coil inside car holder backrest.
  • Supports Qi Certified fast wireless charging up to 15 Watt power output (max.). 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W.
  • 360 rotation using ball-joint connection (at rear of car holder) for adjustable viewing angles.
  • Quick release touch sensitive button (located rear-top of car holder) tap to instantly open/unlock holder arms that works even if not powered (uses residual charge).
  • Air vent attachment connects to ball-joint at rear of holder.
  • super secure mounting solution.
  • Ambient LED  visually pulses in standby mode and charging states.
  • Overcharge and temperature detection chipset.
  • One-hand operation - no fumbling or adjusting.
  • Rubber padding inside holder arms stops device movement
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