Car Charger

Car Charger


Baseus car charger is another equipment offered by Baseus team. There are many different types of car chargers made in Baseus Company and are offered to the market, undoubtedly new products have more features and can provide you with better functions to use, as we all know there are different companies manufacturing this type of chargers, one of which is Baseus Company. In the following, we want to explain to you what a car charger is and the types of Baseus car charger models that have been offered so far. And if you are planning to buy one yourself, you can have a read all the way to the end of this shopping guide and if this guide wasn’t enough and couldn’t answer your questions there are phone numbers blew the website which you may call, and our team will respond to your inquiries way more complete to ensure you have all you need to know about this matter.


What is car charger?

Car Charger is a charger, as its name implies, is a type of charger used to charge digital products. There are different types of chargers offered in the market, each of which has different features, some high-end car chargers generally have two USB ports for simultaneously charging two digital products. These products generally have overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, High temperature protection, four safety protection functions to ensure safe use, one of the most common questions when buying a car charger is can these chargers be used at home? The answer to this question, we must say that car chargers can be used in cars, direct charging through USB ports only.

Another question that is asked when buying a Baseus car charger is what the power supply of this type of charger is? The car charger is powered by a car battery (12-volt car, 24-volt truck) and is widely used in charging lithium batteries in various portable devices such as cell phones, PDAs, GPS, etc. The car charger should consider the actual demand of the lithium battery (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, OVP overvoltage protection), but also the hard environment of the car battery.

Another important question about buying a Baseus car charger is whether or not these chargers can damage digital devices such as phones. In answer to this question, we must say that the car charger of Baseus works like a voltage regulator. But it has some other features such as automatic shut-off after full charge. The car charger uses the car cigarette lighter as a power outlet for direct charging of the phone. Since the voltage provided by the car is low, only the overload protection circuit inside Car charger required. The front of the car charger socket is designed with a fuse. When the current exceeds the overload protection circuit, the fuse explodes immediately and is protected.


Some important features of Baseus car charger:

1. High safety
2. Reasonable price
3. Many different features
4. High variety of products
5. Different colors
How to buy Baseus car chargers:

If you want to buy a Baseus car charger, you can buy your desired product online using the It is necessary to mention that you can also contact us with the numbers listed on the website. So that our team members can fully guide you to buy this type of chargers.